When you get screwed and you learn something
from it, you become a screwed player.
If you learn nothing –
it’s as if you have never been screwed at all.
   There are nine ground rules,
knowing them is not bad:

1.     Sometimes you can’t escape war*

2.     There are no rules in war, except that
        the winner is better

3.     Every man is your equal as much as objective is
        his fear from the conflict with you

4.    Feel the system of hierarchy and find your place

5.    Defend the weaker from violence to the limit of
       violence towards yourself.                                                    
      (This does not apply to warriors.)

6.    By giving you make and keep allies.

7.    Betrayal is punishable

8.    Praise and criticize the best you can

9.    Gladness prolongs life.


*conflict ----